1. I'd like to hire you, what are the next steps? If you feel we might be a good match for your project - let's discuss it! Simply contact us via the inquiry form. Describe your vision in details and we'll get back to you shortly.
  2. What are the prices of your services? We don't have a fixed price list. Each project is priced individually depending on its complexity.
    The cost of a full branding package (incl. logo and basic website) starts at around $3900.
    If you're interested in getting a custom quote, fill in our inquiry form and we'll contact you with details.
  3. What are your payment policies? We accept PayPal payments only. It's quick, easy and safe for both parties. You can pay via credit card, debit card or e-check using PayPal and you don't need to sign up for their account to do that.

    For projects under $1000 total, full payment is due upfront.

    For projects of value greater than $1000 we divide the project value into 3 payments:

    a. 30% non-refundable booking fee to reserve a place in our schedule
    b. 40% due one week before the planned project start date
    c. 30% before the final files are delivered or the website is installed

    For EU customers that are not VAT registered additional fee may apply.
  4. What is your turnaround time? We're able to take only a limited number of projects a month. Due to the high demand we often book projects a few months in advance.
    The typical turnaround time (since the project start date) for a logo design is 3 weeks and 5-9 weeks for developing a website.

    Having a full content for your website ready before the project's start date and your response time during the design process greatly influences the final completion date.

    Due to the fact that there are many factors that have an impact on the finish date, we're doing our best to work in a timely manner but sometimes the project may take more time than initially expected.
  5. Do you offer rush order? Typically our queue might be a bit long, so if you're really on the rush in special circumstances we might be able to speed up your project's start date for additional 30% of your project value. Please keep in mind that this option is not always available. Contact us to learn more.
  6. What platforms or Content Management Systems (CMS) you work with? We mainly work with WordPress. It's a product of an Open Source community that makes it a secure and reliable solution. It also allows us to fully customize both the website and the backend making managing the website's content an intuitive experience.
  7. Do I need to know html/css to manage my website? Absolutely no! Your website will be managed through a CMS (Content Management System). Creating an intuitive backend is as important to us as building a quality design. You won't be required to perform much more than editing plain text for your content edits.
  8. Why don't your websites come with a full content set up? Our basic package doesn't include full content upload. We input sample text and images to showcase website's functionality and provide a personalized manual. As the content managing is easy and intuitive, the price for the project can be much lower this way.

    In case you'd rather have us do all the content work for you, we offer that as an addition. The price depends on the content size and is quoted individually.
  9. What hosting provider do you recommend? At the moment we’re most fond of working with Bluehost and Go Daddy.

    Please, make sure that your web host supports:

    WordPress PHP 5.2.4 or greater MySQL 5.0 or greater The mod_rewrite Apache module
  10. How many concepts and revisions will I get? Our regular logo design package includes 3 concepts and up to 3 revisions for the selected concept.
    The website design package includes 1 concept and up to 5 design revisions.

    We're open to upgrade the package when your project requires that.
  11. What is the difference between a concept and a revision? A revision is any change made to the design like color or font modification while a concept is a completely new design.
  12. What file formats do you provide? For logo designs we provide a master vector .eps and .pdf files along with a set of high quality popular formats (.jpg, .png).
    All of the marketing materials we designed are sent over as high quality, printable .pdf and .jpg files.
    Other file formats and source files are available on demand and additional fee may apply.

    We take care of installing the website on your server but upon your request the website files can also be provided as a .zip file.
  13. I already have a vision/sketch of my logo/web design, it only needs to be drawn digitally. Will I get a discount? You have a sketch? Great! That’s a best way to show what’s on your mind. This will help us imagine, but won’t help us do the professional vector work that needs to be done. That’s why we can't offer a discount for that.
  14. Can I see a proof before I book my project to make sure we are on the same page? A project is divided into several parts and a ready proof is a phase that's in the middle of the whole process. We're not able to show you the proof at the very beginning without completing the research and the creative work phase.
  15. I have my website layout designed, can you do the coding? We don't offer coding only as we prefer to build our websites from scratch and do both designing and coding. That gives us full control over the final result.
  16. I’d like to make some small tweaks to my logo/website. Can you help me? If that refers to a design created by our team, then sure! Otherwise we won't be able to serve you as we'd rather commit to a full branding project in that time.
  17. What if I'm not satisfied? We’re doing our best to make all of our customers 100% happy and satisfied with the final results. If during the design process you realize that the project is not going in the direction you envisioned then you won't be required to cover the remaining balance.
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